CLOUDOE Walldisplay™

Genesys – PureCloud Walldisplay.

PureCloud Walldisplay

Cloudoe offers the ideal solution for displaying in clear Pure Cloud contact center statistics. The agents and supervisors to see at a glance the status of the queues and if necessary take action immediately.

Simple and intuitive

The wall display solution is easy to configure your managers themselves.

  • Choose from three different layouts;
  • Determine per template which Queues are displayed;
  • Self-select the color thresholds to be displayed statistics;
  • Easily apply to the style of your business;
  • Give your employees access to manage the templates.

The PureCloud walldisplay is an affordable and scalable solution to set up templates to their own needs.

Cloudoe Walldisplay white preview


Your contact is more efficient because real-time information is presented to employees. Runners will have an immediate clear view of the status of their queues. At a glance, the number of employees, the call offer, afgehandelde- and dropped calls, service level and the actual queue information transparent.

Do you have multiple locations or a large space? Multiple sessions with different layouts are possible.

The display is set up in your own style so that it fits the image of your company and / or department.

Tresholds and color sets yourself in for: service level, broken down, waiting, waiting longest, available agents, agents% available and agents interacting%.

Choose from one of six standard available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
Other languages are available upon request.

Cloudoe Walldisplay Backend

Easy management

You control access to your employees to manage the templates and determines from which location a wall display may be started. In addition, you determine the limits of the statistical data and select which layout is used. The display capabilities consist of a plurality of queues horizontally, vertically, or the detailed contents of a single queue.

Assign themselves administrators through the intuitive management interface and change the contents of the templates easy to.

If you have multiple offices in different time zones? Each template is the home time zone adjustable. This makes it possible to use the display on the time zone of the site.

For publication of the new layout looks at first how your changes look like.

You set the colors for templates according to your corporate identity including logos background.

Monitor how many sessions are active and started from any location.


  • One session simultaneously


  • each additional session

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